Captain Blood

What a cruel shame
that any man is made to suffer so.

-This beastly gout!
-Perhaps a new dressing will help.

-I have it here.
-Put it down.

So sorry, Doctor.
Easy, you clumsy louts!
-We won't hurt you, Governor.
-You thick-fingered jackasses!

His Excellency will have his little joke.
lll-begotten bunglers!
-Blundering pill peddlers!
-Your Excellency--

That is the final straw.
Out of this house...
and never let me see your faces again.
-But think of our reputations.
-Hang your reputations!

Leave me! I don't want to see you again!
Away! Out!
I don't want to see you!
Out into the streets!

Stop shouting.
You brought on my headache again.

Good! Hannibal, come take my crutch.
Easy, now. Help me up with my foot.
No remedy. Why, thank you, dear.
Why doesn't His Excellency
try another doctor?

Another doctor?
There are only those two
on this wretched island...

-and each one is worse than his partner.
-There is another.

And according to what I've heard,
he became a slave by being a doctor.

A slave?
Would you elevate a slave
to the position of doctor to the Governor?

-ls he a good doctor?
-I don't know.

Why are you laughing?
I'm just thinking how annoyed
Peter Blood would be...

if I did him another favor.
Your Excellency, there are diverse citizens
of this sovereign island...

who come before you with complaints.
Complaints, complaints.
Can none of my citizens
follow the example of their governor...

who endures the utmost agony
without a murmur?