Captain Blood

Do you understand that?
I don't know.
Perhaps if you were to explain further, I....
I've already talked too much.
I'll open your mouth!
You'll stay here
without food or water until you talk.

-Why did you lie to your uncle?

Dr. Blood,
you're a physician and should know.

ls it not considered unhealthy
for a slave to be seen at a boat?

-Why should it be?
-Boats put out to sea.

Slaves may not.
You're jumping to conclusions, aren't you?
Am I?
The Governor will be waiting for you.
Miss Bishop,
it's difficult for an Irishman to apologize.

But I hope you can forgive me
for having thought badly of you.

I will, if you tell me
how you think of me now.

How I think of you now? I think of you....
I think of you as the woman who owns me.
Her slave.

But I think the man is lucky
who can count you his friend.

I think you know you can.
Your slave is grateful
for all marks of favor.

When you forget your slavery
and go so far--

Now there, you're mistaken.
However far this slave may go,
he won't forget.

lt's a characteristic we Irish
have in common with the elephants.