Captain Blood

But.... Who....
Welcome aboard the Cinco Lagos,
Colonel darling.

You? Was it....
Peter Blood, was it you, then, who took
this ship and turned defeat into victory?

Myself it was. Myself and these,
my friends. And your friends.

And you saved my money, too!
-Yes, it was heroic.
-Heroic, is it?

lt was epic.
You amaze me.
On my soul, you deserve well.
You all deserve well.

-You shall find me grateful.
-How grateful?

I shall ask His Excellency to write home
to the King an account of your exploit.

Perhaps some of your sentencing
shall be remitted.

That's just about
what we expected from you.

Now, Wolf, Col. Bishop has a kind heart.
-But what kind, I'd hate to say.
-What is this?

Why, Colonel darling,
such unusual generosity from you...

must be making you feel unwell.
-As your physician, I'd prescribe--
-A bit of neck-stretching.

Lads, we shouldn't hang this man.

Tie him over the end of a gun!
I'll scatter his innards
all over the sugarcane field.

You're wasting words, I say. Hang him !
Wait, lads. Hanging's too dignified for him.
Can you swim, Colonel darling?
We're giving you the chance to cool off
some of that excessive heat of yours.