Peter Ibbetson

No, I won't go out.
I'll never, never go out!

Now, my dear.
But I don't want
to go out, Mother.

Now, tell Mother
what's the matter this time.

I don't want to go out
because she's out there.

What's this
terrible quarrel about?

I'm building a wagon, Mother.
And she wants
to build a dollhouse.

Well, why don't you make
a wagon

and why doesn't she
build a doll's house?

Because she's got
all the boards.

Won't she divide the boards?
But that won't do any good.
I need them.
I need all the boards.
A wagon...
a wagon needs
a lot of boards.

A dollhouse
doesn't need many.

A dollhouse
doesn't even need anything.

Why doesn't it need anything?
Because it isn't
worth anything.

Gogo, you must not annoy
your mother anymore.

Run out and play, dear.

All right, I'll go,
but I'll never
speak to her again

as long as I live.
And they were all
my boards, Mother.

They were in my yard,
and he came over
and took them.

And what did you do?
I took them back.
Oh, but, darling,
you must be generous
and share your boards.

I did, Mother,
but he wants them all!

Now, dear, be nice to Gogo.
You know
his mother's very ill.

Now, please run out and play
and make up with him.

I'll go out, but I'll
never make up with him.

I never
want to see him again,

forever and
ever and ever.

He's nasty. He's selfish.
He's... he's just an old person!