Peter Ibbetson

Would you stay
with us awhile, Mr. Towers?

How can he stay?
He's got a date
with the Duchess tonight.

I thought he was here
for life.

He's gonna meet her
after that.

Sure, sure, after life.
In jail for life,
for a wench.

Oh, but she was worth it.
I've been here 16 years
and I know.

Well, I've been here 10.
Only I croaked her
instead of the gent.

I'm sure she was worth it,
wasn't she, Mr. Towers?

Tell us all about her.
Come on.

Come on, tell us all,
Mr. Towers.

Tell us. Come on.
Quiet! Get back here!
Stop this.
You must like the dungeons.
Ten days aren't enough
for you, eh?

40 lashes will quiet him.
A born troublemaker,
he is.

Won't eat, won't talk,
won't even hear you.

He'll hear the whip.
They'll all hear it
if there's one more peep
out of any one of them

Light the gas.