The Lives of a Bengal Lancer

His son.
His what?
I said, his son.
I can't imagine oId Ramrod
ever having been that human.

The train arrives at 10:30,
Mr. McGregor.

Yes, sir.
(door cIoses)
Madam, you'II marry me
Tuesday the 29th.

Be at the church at 10:00.
That's an order.

you're improperIy dressed.

Ha, Ha.
Did you want
to speak to me, McGregor?

No, sir.
(train horn tooting)
(beIIs cIanging)
(peopIe chattering)
I hope he's a nice foIIow.
He won't be. Ramrod.
I beg your pardon?
One Stone isn't enough.
We have to have two.

(speaking Hindi)
There he is,
the younger Ramrod himseIf.

Everything was aII right?
Thank you, sir.

CouIdn't be anybody eIse.
Just as sure of himseIf as...

Look at the way
they jump around for him.

Look at his Iuggage,
everything just so-so.

WeII, come on,
Iet's get it over with.

No, I've got
a IittIe business.

You get
your precious repIacements.

(peopIe chattering)
I'm McGregor, Lancers,
sent to meet you.

Oh, sort of
reception committee, eh?

It's nice to know
I was expected.

The regiment's been
practicaIIy breathIess
for a week.