Come and Get It

What did you do with...

- Good morning.
- Good morning. Evvie.

- And how are you this morning?
- So-so.

Aren't you getting old enough
to have breakfast in bed?

None of your guff. Barney.
I like my breakfast hot. Just like you do.

Is that so? You better not let
your mother hear you call me Barney.

- What have you got there?
- A letter from Swan.

- Go ahead and read it.
- I think I know what he's going to say.

"Dear Barney.
Hunting season just open.

"Why ain't you come up
and we shoot deer just like old times?

"I hope you
and family are feel good.

"I feel so good myself. I think I beat you
choppin' down tree if you was here.

Just like I always do. By George!
Ha ha!" Is that true?

I never liked to hurt his feelings.
Nice of you.
"Anyways. L...
"Anyway. I wish you come see me.
"You and Lotta was two people
I like most in whole world...

and I lonesome to see you.
Your friend. Swan Bostrom."

You haven't seen Swan since he was
down here on business that time.

You and Mother were away
when his wife died.

It's been over 20 years since you've
been up in Iron Ridge. Why. Barney?

- You see. Evvie...
- Why don't you go?

You could shoot a bear there
instead of acting like one here.

Am I doing that?
You need a change. Darling.
When you got back.
Your mind would be in better shape.

And so would your figure.
- All right. I'll go.
- Good.

You better behave
or I'll get in dutch.

I will. Thomas! Thomas!
I feel better already.

- Yes. Mr. Glasgow.
- Thomas. Pack a few things for me.

- Something I can use to...
- Go fishing?

Yes. Come on. Scat.
Get out of here. Go on.