...across throats here...
...that many a time
I've had an impulse...

...to cut their
Adam's apples wide open?

Just like that.
Yes, sir.
How about it, Hec?
Do you feel an impulse coming on?

An impulse is an impulse.
It's like an itch. You gotta scratch it.
What's that, Hector?
My oldest customer.
All on account of that Bugs Meyers
from the sheriff's office...

...telling a cock-and-bull story
about his capturing...

...one of that Peabody kidnapping gang.
- I got something on the stove, precious.

Call you back. Bye-bye.
Mrs. Tuttle! Mrs. Tuttle!
- Of all things.
- For mercy's sake, what is it?

Just wait. My husband phoned me.
They've arrested a man.

And they think he's
one of the kidnappers.

That barber's wife says this morning
they caught a man on the old road...

...who they suspect knows
something about this kidnapping.

I got it on the highest authority
that they arrested...

...one of that kidnapping gang.
- You don't say.

He tried to escape,
but they captured him all right.

- Oh, I'll have three of those.
- Oh, come on.