Libeled Lady

Press Room.
Hold everything for a new front page!
We're jimmying the Allenbury yarn.
Hey, Mack, hold everything.

Wait for a makeover.
- What happened, Allen?
- Don't load anymore.

- Hold it, boys.
- Unload all of them.

We're trying to kill a story.
Have any trucks gone out?

- How about it, Joe?
- Number 7.

Call him back.
But he's gone.
Times Square and Columbus Circle.

Rush a motorcycle after him. Hurry up!
We've got to get those papers back.
Every one.

Pete, get on your machine
and stop truck number 7.

Phone all the stands on that route
not to sell any papers.

Are you ringing Haggerty?
All right, all right! Try him again.

- Go to Haggerty's apartment. 52nd Street...
- I know where he lives.

Won't he be at church?
Isn't he getting married at noon?

You grab a taxi to the church.
Bring him here.

- I can't ruin his wedding.
- Then it'll be our funeral.

Step on it! Keep on ringing him.
Don't answer it. I've had enough gags
pulled on me this morning.

Maybe Miss Benton again. I'm afraid...
You're afraid? I'm marrying her,
and you're afraid.

That's loyalty.