Libeled Lady

Where is Miss Connie now?
- We needn't worry about Connie.
- We forgot to tell you.

Connie isn't coming.
She has another headache.

Mr. Chandler? Where are you?
- Hello.
- The inevitable Mr. Chandler.

- How was the cocktail party?
- Delightful.

So sorry I couldn't come.
I trust the Burns-Norvells consoled you.

I found them very charming.
Far superior to many people
one meets on boats.

Yes. Babs is one girl in a million.
And so rich, too.

- Or didn't you know that?
- At least she has good breeding.

- Everything went off all right?
- Oh, yes.

In fact, I'm glad now that you didn't come.
You are?
Why this change of heart?
You're so fragile.
- Fragile.
- Yes, you damage so easily.

- Damage?
- Sues for $5 million.

That fascinates me.
Asks $5 million damages.
- So the Burns-Norvells told you.
- It gave me a new light on you.

Who is this marvel, I said,
Florence Nightingale? Jeanne d'Arc?

What has she done to earn
such a precious reputation?

- Found a cure for death and taxes?
- Aren't you being a little absurd?

- Aren't you?
- Wait a minute, you don't understand...

Do be careful. It might break.
I'm not accustomed to handling
anything so delicate, so valuable.

That should be touched only by royalty,
dukes or earls.

As a matter of fact,
you should be kept under glass.

And that is the last I saw of Miss Connie
until we reached New York.

Five days on a boat,
and she slaps your face.

- That's fine progress.
- So the wonder boy lays an egg.