A Day at the Races

- Look, it's 40-to-1.
- I'll show them a thing or two.

Hey, there, big boy.
Two dollars on Rosie, eh?

Sorry, that race is over.
- I say the race is over.
- Over? Who won?

- Sun-Up.
- Sun-Up! That's my horse! Sun-Up.

Sun-Up. Hurry up. Sun-Up.
Goodbye, boss. Goodbye. Sun-Up.
Ten, 20, 30... Sun-Up! Forty, 50...

Get your tootsie-fruitsie. Nice ice cream.
Nice tootsie-fruitsie ice cream.

- Oh, Miss Standish?
- Yes?

- These calls came while you were out.
- Oh, thank you.

- Mr. Stewart?
- I'm still out.

I'm sorry. Miss Standish is still out.
Yes, Mr. Whitmore.
What about that call
to the Florida medical board?

What? Well, keep on trying.
Call me the moment you get it.
You can't even get any action
out of your telephone operator.

Don't worry. I'll get the dope
on that Florida quack.

Now, listen, I want to turn this place into
a gambling casino before the season ends.

With my racetrack, my nightclub
and this...

...I'll have every sucker in America here,
but every day counts.

- I'll let you know the moment I get the call.
- I'll be waiting.

Doctor, may I have one
of your photographs?

Why, I haven't one.
I could let you have my footprints,
but they're upstairs in my socks.

I want to announce your association
with the sanitarium.

We'll send your picture
to all the papers.

- Florida papers?
- Yes. It'd be wonderful publicity.

Publicity? We mustn't have any of that.
You know, the ethics of my profession.

But we have to get new patients.
Well, after all, the old patients
were good enough for your father.

Besides, who wants to see my picture?
I'm not a famous man. I'm just a simple
country doctor with horse sense.

Oh, you're too modest.
- We'll forget about the pictures.
- That's better.

And, doctor, remember,
I'm counting on you.

The success of the sanitarium
is in your hands.