Dead End

- Hi, boys.
- Hi, Spit.

So he said they want to come down
and fight our gang, see,

but they got a guy
with his leg broke bad,

and maybe he can't go 'round
on account of poison.

So l says for him to shut up
because we got a guy with T.B.,

so that makes us even.
Hey, that's you
l was talkin' about. You.

- Hi.
- Hi, Spit.

Kinda early, ain't it?
Ain't too early for the old man
to wash the booze out of his mouth.

So l says we fight 'em anyway
and Tommy's the leader,

so he should come down
and make up the fight with Tommy.

Who says Tommy's the leader?
Who says? We all says.
Aw, you dog!
What's the matter?
l'll push you right in the river.

Yeah? Try it.
Don't be a wise guy.

How many times do l have to tell you?
Hey, look it. Get a load of that.
- Hey, what's that?
- lt's the new kid moved on the block.

Boy, we could fix him fine.
- Yeah.
- And how.

- Hey, Dip.
- Cut it out, will ya?

How much longer
shall we have to use this entrance?

l'm sorry, sir. The other street
will be repaired in a few days.

Yes, but l can't even get my car
through this street.

No, sir.
- Oh, it's all right.
- lt is not all right.

Good morning, sir.
That's what you see from the terrace.