Dead End

That's twice in a row.
You're a dog.

- How do you do it?
- Boy!

Hey, look, l've got a hair.
- Baby, that's some hair.
- Oh, that's a beauty.

- Akeys akeys haffies?
- What for?

Come on, l said akeys.
l said haffies.

What for? l won 'em,
but before l won 'em

l lent 'em to T.B. so he could play.
Come on, haffies
or l'll kick you in the slats.

Hey, Tommy, do l gotta give him?
Nah. He didn't have
his fingers crossed.

- l'll choose you.
- You think l'm some dope?

Yeah. A dope what smells on ice.
Stand up to him, Milty.
Stand up to him.

What's the matter?
You want to fight?

- Yeah!
- You do?

- Yeah.
- Well, join the army.

You crumb.
Atta boy, Milty.
- Hey, Angel.
- What?

l'll swap you something
for the knife.

- You ain't got nothin' to swap.
- Well, loan it to me.

No, l need it.
Honest, l need it.

Look, Angel,
l'll give you eleven cents for it.

Sure. lt only cost ten.
l don't care. Here, Tommy.
- You mean you're giving it to me?
- Yeah. You can keep it.

Gee, thanks, Milty.
That's swell. Thanks.

- That's nothing.
- Thanks a lot.

l'll wait here.
Well, go on.
Boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Gee, that's a nice watch you got there.
What time is it?

A minute and a quarter past
half past four.

l got T.B.

Come on, fellas,
l got something great to show you.

Okay, okay.
- You wanna come see?
- No, he can't see.

Why not?
He's a good kid.

This is only for the gang.
Only for the gang.

What is it?