Dead End

What's the matter?
Having a little trouble?

lt don't pay to be nice around here.
Fine job for a grown man.

Looking for a punk kid because
he gave an old man a pin scratch.

He's fit to be tied.
He's got a brother that's a judge.

He could break me.
First thing you know,
l'll be pounding a beat in Harlem.

This is a tough enough precinct,
but Harlem...

Pal of mine got killed there.
Of course, you know
what they always say.

The quickest way to get killed
is to kill a cop.

Yeah, that's what they always say.
Yeah, but l'd rather not be
the one that gets killed

just so they can kill someone else,
see my point?

Well, there ain't no profit
in chasing kids.

l bet you'd like to get your hands
on one of the big boys

with the rewards on 'em?
Who wouldn't?
Yes, sir, who wouldn't?

l'd buy myself a soft drink stand
on the Merrick Road.

Nothing around here
but making old hags take in the garbage.

Why didn't you go on home
to dinner with him?

Doc did a pretty good job.
Jimmy, come on up.
Supper is ready. Come on.

Ain't we ever gonna eat anymore?
You know,
there must be something in it.

l mean to have a place to go to.
You sit in the same place every night.

lt's your own chair.
Not me. l'll take mine
in a dump with music,

where you can have
anything you want you can pay for.

You can have one thing one night,
something else the next.

l'm gettin' sick of what l can pay for.
l can remember different.
You've changed more
than your face, all right.