Dead End

l bought a ring
at the five-and-dime store.

Only we didn't have money enough
to buy the license, remember?

Gee, it seems like yesterday.
We were talkin' about it right here.

Seems like a million years.

Listen. You got to take care of yourself.
What are you doing here, anyway?

You got to get away.
l don't want 'em to get you.

What difference
does it make where l go?

They got their finger on me everywhere.
They won't recognize you.
Even l didn't.

Yeah, but you can' t change these.
Three times l burned them
with acid and things. lt's no good.

But l'm getting out of here.
l come back for you.

- l wouldn't be good for you.
- l'll worry about that.

lt's a dream. l'm having a dream.
What l wanted for so long.

l'm tired. l'm sick.
Can't you see it?

Look at me good. You've been
lookin' at me like l used to be.

Why didn't you get a job?
They don't grow on trees.
- Why didn't you starve first?
- Why didn't you?

Well, what did ya expect?
l don't know.
Here. lt's hot.
Be careful where you spend it.

And keep your lips buttoned up.
l wouldn't tell on you, Marty.
Not if they tied me
to wild horses, l wouldn't.

Honey, could you spare
another twenty bucks?