In Old Chicago

lsn't it time to stop this travelin',
for it dark and the child shiverin'?

We will not. And us not two hours,
or maybe three, from Chicago itself?

"Ha, ha," says l.
Get along with ya, ya lazy devils.
l'll be layin' me whip on your backs.

Chicago will not be movin'...
and us living there for the rest
of our days, God willin'.

l'll not be held back
by your tongue.

A fine city waiting there
just over the rim of the land.

"l'll rest there tonight,"
l said to myself.

And so l will.
'Tis a mighty city will be built here.

The hub. Yes, the hub
of the country...

fillin' all
this prairie land...

and you boys
living to see it.

Come on.
Get along with ya.

Look, Pa.
lt's a train.

Come on, Pa.
Let's race her.

By the twinklin' stars
of heaven, l will.

- Come on, boys.
- You'll do no such.

Go on, Pa!
You can lick it!

We're licking it!
We're licking it!