Lost Horizon

No, I'm just a little bowled over, that's all.
Forgive me.
I should've told you it's quite common here
to live to a very ripe old age.

Climate, diet, mountain water,
you might say.

But we like to believe it is
the absence of struggle in the way we live.

In your countries, on the other hand,
how often do you hear the expression:

"He worried himseIf to death,"
or, "This thing or that killed him"?

-Very often.
-And very true.

Your lives are, therefore, as a rule, shorter.
Not so much by natural death,
as by indirect suicide.

That's all very fine if it works out.
A little amazing, of course.
You surprise me.
I surprise you ! Now, that's news.
I mean your amazement.
I could've understood it
in any of your companions, but you...

...who have dreamed
and written so much about better worlds.

Or is it that you fail to recognise
one of your own dreams when you see it?

If you don't mind,
I think I'll go on being amazed...

-...in moderation, of course.
-Then everything's quite all right?

It's terrific!
I just saw something
that'd make your hair stand on end.

You see those hills over there? Gold.
Popping right out of them. Tons of it.

You keep this under your hat.
If the others hear about it,
they'll declare themselves in.

But if I can mine that stuff,
I'll throw a bombshell into Wall Street.

Now look, I've got a plan and if I--
Say, honey...
...you ain't feeling so well, are you?
Don't pay attention
to what those doctors tell you.

I've seen a lot of people fool 'em.
And I've got a hunch this place
is gonna be good for you. Honest I have.

Come on, you be a good kid
and snap out of it.

And I'll cut you in on the gold deal.
I'm going up and make a deal
with Chang right now.