Young and Innocent

Don't shout, I tell you!
Don't shout!

I will shout if I want to! Who's
going to prevent me from shouting

Listen to me! Why won't you

You're a liar! A liar! You lied
when you met me!

You lied to get rid of me!
You're a liar and a cheat!

That's enough of it! Get out
of here!

That's a nice thing for a wife
to say!

I'm nothing of the sort!
Oh, yes, you are! And you're not
going to get rid of me with...

...your silly Reno divorce!
You're my wife!

Well, what about it?
And I'm not going to have any
boys hanging around

What do you mean?
Oh, you can't fool me! I've
watched him! I saw him come in!

Don't be a fool! That boy
is not...

-A liar! A liar!
-Why won't you listen?

Because I'm not an idiot!
You quit me eight years ago to go
on the screen!

I, who worked for you! Took you
out the chorus...

...let you out of the gutter
And now you spend your time
going around with boys, you!

Go on, say it, say it!