Young and Innocent

-Is she drowned?
- No, she's a mermaid

This woman was never drowned
She was strangled with this belt

Keep back, please!
Now then, which of you found the
body first?

-I did
-No, he didn't! We did

-Both of you?
-Elsa saw it first.

-That's right!
-But he says he did

-Well, he didn't!
-Contradict the evidence, eh?

Don't be silly
Well, just a moment if you
don't mind

Now, miss, what's your tale?
Well, we were both going down
to bathe

And just as we got
We saw this young man running

It's absurd, I was running to
get home

You weren't, you were running
away, wasn't he, Helen?

-That's right
-Nonsense, the girl's hysterical

I'm not! I'm not hysterical!
You were running away, you know
you were!

It's fantastic! I saw the body
from the top of the crest and...

...naturally came down
I couldn't be sure if she was
already dead or only unconscious

You see, I didn't see the belt
I ran out to get help so that I
could make artificial respiration