Young and Innocent

-Don't let them see you!
-Where are we going?

Don't ask questions, pull
that string!

Come here! Stop! ln the name of
the law! Stop that car!

Dowser, we left Dowser behind!
-It's all right, he's keeping up
-If you don't stop I'll jump out!

I've got the sun in my eyes
We will wait until dark now.
Next stop, Tom's Hat

What has the man at the petrol
pump said?

A mile across, then take the
left fork

Two miles beyond that, the end to
all our troubles!

Our troubles? Your troubles,
you mean!

Can't you realize what you've

You made me run away from
Sergeant Roberts

He's my friend, he taught me how
to drive!

My father is chief constable,
can't you understand?

I'm on their side!
Sorry. Forgive me, of course you
must drive straight back

So what? I was going to take the
left fork anyway

No, you'd better not go in.
Someone might recognize you