Young and Innocent

I'll find out all I can about
the coat

I might as well see if it's
true now

You'd better hide behind it
A cup of tea and a piece of cake,

Take a seat
You'll have to stick a card out

I think it's very nice to have a
lady's company for a change

Don't you have lots of it? I
thought lorries were very popular

Is yours that lorry out there?
I've always wanted to drive one
of those

I've always wanted to be a tight
rope walker myself

No, you're the wrong built. You'd
better stick to lorry driving

You don't happen to know, do you,
lf a raincoat was found here...

...last week?
If it was it will never reach the
lost property office

Let me see now... a coat
Well, as a matter of fact there
was one old fellow

More or less of a tramp, really.
He mends broken chi...

No, I'm wrong Miss, you'll never
find that coat

No, you're right, Bill, it was
old Will, the china mender

Don't remember? He had a
raincoat that was nearly new

He said a bloke had given it
to him. We teased him about it

Trying to kid us that people give
brand new clothes away!

Leave old Will alone
If he did, no need for you to go
opening your trap and shouting...

...his name all over the place
So will I do if I like!
What, you're a couple of rotten..