Young and Innocent

I don't want you to get hurt
What was all the fuss about?

Your coat! You're quite right,
it was stolen!

An old tramp's got it but his two
friends wouldn't let him tell me

Oh, put your head under that
It's difficult!
If you want to find old Will, the
china mender, you'll get him...

...late tonight at Nobby's lodging

Well, how far is that?
About thirty miles, I've often
given him a lift there

What's the matter with you?
Get out of here!


All you have to do now is to get
the coat back from the tramp

I'm glad you took the left fork
So am I now
Goodbye. And many, many

Can l...
Can I just wish you good luck?

-You ought to get back
-How are you going to get there?

-I'll climb on one of the lorries
-They're all going the other way

Or I could get a lift on a police
car, there will be one along soon

I think it's marvellous of you
but you're not being very...