Young and Innocent

I don't want any of that business
here, you understand?

And I don't want to come here

That's all right, then you keep

You will eat those words,
you Finney!

Get out!
Old Will hasn't gone yet, has he?
You're his pal, you ought to know
I just woke up
You know which is Old Will, the
china mender?

No, mate, I never heard of him
So that's the game, is it?
So you are a pal of his after all
How long has this racket been
going on? Will!

Who wants me?
Oh, the governor!

-Hello. A cup wants mending?
-Don't you come here racketing!

What's the trouble?
Getting your pal to bash up my
china so you can mend it!

My pal?
I don't want any argument from
you, it's the last time you've...

...come in here!
What does he mean?
And who are you?

Listen, I want to talk to you
I'll be with you in a minute,
it's my work

I've got to talk to you, it's
about something very important

What's your game?
And who says that I'm your pal?

Well, that was a mistake
I was thinking it pretty well was
I've traced you for nearly
fifteen miles

Fifteen miles, what for?
Do you know anything about a

I don't know what are you talking
about. I've got to get along

You do know something about it
But I'm not interested in you,
I only want the coat

Come on, Will, bash his mouth in
He will get something he don't
expect in a minute

You got a coat from Tom's Hat,
didn't you? Well, it's mine

I only want it as evidence, you
can have it back afterwards

It's no good asking me, I'll keep
telling you I don't know...

...nothing about it!
Why are you so obstinate?
I tell you it's a matter of life
and death! It's going to save me!

It's going to save me from a
charge of murder, the police...