Young and Innocent

I didn't know what you were up
to, governor

Coming along and saying you're
my pal

And dragging me about like this
I feel like a shy bride

I'm terribly glad
I wonder how far is the nearest
telephone box

-I ought to get on to father
-Here you are

It's mine, all right
There's no belt
What have you done with the belt?

What have you done with that

Here's a stitch. What happened
to it?

There was no belt on it when
that bloke gave it to me

Then it was my belt. Who do you
say gave you the coat?

I told you, some fellow
But can't you remember what he
looked like?

"-Yes, he blinked
""-What do you mean """"blinked""""?"""

Like this
Anyhow, his evidence is as good
as the belt, he knows that...

...l didn't give it to him
-Oh, no governor, it wasn't you
-It's no good, Robert

Of course it is, it's perfectly
good proof!

The police will never believe
his evidence

What do you mean, I'm

And as for a tramp saying he was
given a practically new overcoat

They'll think it's fantastic
I've got to talk to you more
this. The police will catch up...

...with us soon. Where's the best
place to hide?

Well, there's a Boulevard
three mile off

And there's a quiet little lane
where nobody goes much

Before you get to...
Oh, what about the old mine
workings? It's about a mile or so

We'll go, Erica
Let's try the old mine workings!