A Christmas Carol

Many can't go there,
and many would rather die.

If they'd rather die, they'd better do it
and decrease the surplus population.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.
In that case, we must apologize
for interrupting you, sir.

You keep close watch on the closing hour.
- It's half an hour past, sir.
- Then close up.

Thank you, sir.
Don't work overtime.
You might make something of yourself.

- You'll want all day tomorrow, I suppose?
- lf it's quite convenient, sir.

It's not convenient, and it's not fair.
If I was to stop half a crown for it,
you'd consider yourself ill-used...

I'll be bound.
It's only once a year, sir.
A poor excuse for picking a man's pocket
every 25th of December.

However, I suppose you'll have to have
the whole day.

Be here all the earlier next morning.
- Yes, sir.
- Then be off.

My wages, sir. They fall due today.
Can't wait to spend them?
Thank you, sir.