Angels with Dirty Faces

Come on out of there.
Come on, you hoodlums.
You won't get away.

- Come out, or I'll come in after you.
- Let's make a break for it, Jerry, now.

Come on, Rocky! Jump!
Hi, Snowflakes.
- Hi, Jerry.
- Hello.

What do you hear? What do you say?
Sit down.

- How they treating you, Rocky?
- Like a prince.

I get three square meals and real butter
on my bread. What a life.

- Is that a bad cut on your eye?
- Not bad. Just a few stitches.

I thought you knocked your eye out.
You coming to my trial tomorrow?

Rocky, I've been worrying about
this all last night.

- I can't let you take the whole blame.
- Pipe down, want the flapper to hear?

Now get this. You got away, didn't you?
Okay. I wanna be a sucker.

But, Rocky, maybe if they thought
I was in on it, they'd go easier on you.

In a pig's eye. Just because you can run
faster, you don't gotta eat yourself.

- But it ain't fair to you, Rocky.
- Look, so they send me up. So what?

What've I got to lose? The old man's
got troubles enough without me. Forget it.

I got caught, and you got away.
But you, Rocky. Supposing I was the one
who got caught, you wouldn't keep quiet.

- You'd make them send you up too.
- What do you think I am?

- I'd lay dead just like you're gonna do.
- You would?

Sure. Always remember, don't be a sucker.