Boys Town

Where was the State when a Ionely,
starving kid cried himself to sleep...

in a flophouse with a bunch of drunks,
tramps, and hoboes?

Is that when this debt started?
The only pals I had a chance at
were the kids in the alley.

I had to be tough to string along.
Just before we got out
of the State's arms...

the reformatory, we made up a gang,
six of us, and pals.

We bet our lives across the board,
and let them ride. Crooks!

Sure! Your mouths pop open at that one.
Greek to you wise guys, ain't it?
One of them turned rat for State's
evidence, and I killed him. But get this.

One friend when I'm 12 years old...
and I don't stand here like this!
Now, go on, get out of here...

you bunch of mush-brained saps! Get out!
Listen, Father. I am sorry for my mistakes.
I am sorry.
12 years old. One friend.
Starving kid. Never had a chance.
Break your mugs.
Steal our food, will you?
Get in your own streets, you mugs!

Here. Tommy, stop it.
Come on, Tommy. Stop it.
Tommy, stop it!
Loafers! Police!
- Good morning, Dave.
- Good morning.

- Look, $80 smashed.
- It's a shame, Dave.