Boys Town

Father Eddie, that place of yours
draws the rats around.

- It's like molasses and flies.
- I suppose it does.

I sleep beside a machine gun,
while you rock-a-bye-baby the 40 thieves.

Read all about it!
Dan Farrow electrocuted!
Read all about it!

Where's His Reverend?
Don't we get a sermon this morning?

Hear ye, my friends.
Scoff your coffee while ye may,
turn up your toes...

call it a day.
I didn't start this place
to give you men a laugh. I really didn't.

I thought I could help you.
- Sorry, Father Flanagan.
- We apologize.

Thanks for the coffee.
We all love you, dominie, every one of us.
Well, you can pass the word
along the road...

that somebody else will be running
the place pretty shortly. I'm leaving.

- But, Father...
- Weasel, you're too smart.

No, I had decided before.
I spent last night, or rather this morning,
with Dan Farrow just before he...

It was too late to do very much for him...
and I guess it's too late
to do very much for you.

I'm afraid you're satisfied with something
to eat and a place to sleep.

Father Flanagan!
- What is it, Skinny?
- They got Jimmy!

The cops got Jimmy!
Please tell them to let him go.

He's my brother.
- Who else have they got?
- They got Tommy and they got Steve.

And they told me to go home.
Yeah, home.
Where's your mother, Skinny?
Come on. We'll see what we can do.
Mr. Morris, do you know
who broke your window?

- Yes, Your Honor.
- Pardon me, but does it really matter?

It was a free-for-all.
Any one of them could have done it.

What do you mean, Father?
Not to obstruct justice, even if I could,
but one boy threw that stone...

did this special damage.
But he didn't mean to do it.

They were all throwing things.
They were all excited.

I'm trying to reduce it to a definite charge.
That's what I was afraid of, Your Honor.
- None of us want to abuse children.
- But we do, nevertheless.

The business of the court is to take care
of the honest citizen.

You. I have a high regard for you, but...