Boys Town

Your Honor, these boys were arrested
this morning.

It's now... It's 3:30.
Has anybody come forward
to say one good word for them?

Father, mother, uncle, sister. Anybody?
Well, you're saying quite a few.
And I'll go on, until you take back
the privilege you granted me.

You heard Mr. Calatieri.
- May I question him?
- Certainly.

- Sit down, Mr. Morris.
- Thank you.

Mr. Calatieri.
Yes, Father?
Tommy, stand up.
- Tommy came in to buy some salami.
- Yes.

I wrap my salami. I put him down.
He say, "Half a dozen eggs."

I turn around to get the eggs,
I come back, where is my salami?

No salami and no Tommy.
But you didn't really see Tommy
steal the salami, did you?

My nice, fresh salami. She no walk away.
And the police found the salami,
and some bread, some other things.

There's no doubt about their being stolen.
There's also no doubt that these boys
should be taken off the streets...

- for their own good.
- And sent to the reformatory.

I'm wondering if you want to do that
to a homeless boy...

- just on circumstantial evidence.
- Well, what do you want me to do?

There's the salami,
and there's Mr. Calatieri.

They can have my salami.
I give it to them, free for present.

But next time, please, not the imported.
- There won't be any next time.
- You should have studied law, Father.

Thank you, Your Honor.
Well, I guess that's...

Unless my good friend wants to identify
the boy who threw the rock.

My window was smashed.
$80 gone to someplace...

But I...
Well, I can't say who did it, positively.
Father Flanagan, what's in your mind?
I'll assume full responsibility for these
boys if you'll place them in my charge.

I'll give them a home,
I'll see to their schooling...

and I'll guarantee their good conduct.
Well, I think you're letting yourself in
for a lot of trouble, but I'll give it a chance.

I release these boys into your custody.