Boys Town

A few little odds and ends,
but I'll get the money for that.

That's what I was afraid of.
No, Dave,
that isn't why I wanted to see you.

No, I want you to take me for a little drive.
I want to show you something.

I'm a busy man.
That's just it, Dave.
Now, you've been working too hard...

with the new store and everything.
A little drive in the country will relax you.

Just what you need.
Just what we both need.

- Bye, Father Flanagan.
- Goodbye, boys.

Now remember what I told you.
Lovely country, isn't it?
Over 200 acres here of rich, fine soil.
You could really live and breathe out here.
- What about it?
- I want to buy it.

Now, look, Dave, I can get it cheap.
Just look at it, Dave.

We could build a real town
for the boys here.

They could have gardens, dormitories,
gymnasiums, classrooms...

Mortgages, and bills, and debts!
Be reasonable.

First you started with five boys,
then it was 20, then it was 50.

With this place,
you'd be looking for 100 boys.

- 500.
- All right, 500. What?

How you going to get the money?
How you going to do it? It's crazy.

Well, maybe you're right.
- What did you say?
- Maybe you're right.

Eddie, don't you feel well?
Maybe it's just a dream
that I'll never see fulfilled.

It seems a shame though,
a lot of boys cheated out of the chance...

to live a nice, decent life out in the open,
where they belong.

Stop it.
- How many acres?
- Over 200.

But you can't handle
as big a thing as this...

without a lot of public support,

I haven't been a bad risk so far, have I?
No, you've paid back everything.
How, I don't know. It isn't that.

But this time you're biting off
more than you can chew.

The newspapers aren't friendly to you,
as it is.

- What do you think they'll say about this?
- I know.

- What do you suggest?
- Hargraves.

He owns the most powerful string
of newspapers in the Middle West.

And he's a tough nut to crack.