Boys Town

That's all it's worth.
- Hello, Father.
- Hello, boys.

Hello, sir.
Hi, Doc.
Which one of you is Whitey Marsh?
I've got a message for Whitey.
I'd like to deliver it to him alone.

Hey, wait a minute. I'm out about $1.10.
Come on back here.
There, that's better.
I'm Father Flanagan.
I saw your brother Joe
just a little while ago.

We had a long talk about you, Whitey.
Joe wants you to come with me
to Boys Town.

You've got a swell chance taking me
to that joint.

That's right, a swell chance.
I've got $280 your brother gave me
to take care of you.

I don't care if he gave you a million bucks.
What am I going to do
in a broken-down nursery like Boys Town?

There are a lot of things you could do.
We've got machine shops...

carpenter shops.
We've got printing presses, farming.

I think you might like farming.
It's good for you.

Keep you out in the open,
put hair on your chest.

If you think you'll make a plow jockey
out of me, you got another thing coming.

Now, look, Whitey, in a pinch
I can be tougher than you are...

and I guess maybe this is the pinch.
You're coming with me to Boys Town...
because that's the way
your brother wants it.

And that's the way I want it.
My arm!
My poor arm. You broke my arm.
You better get me to a hospital.
I can't go nowhere.

My arm, poor broken arm.
- Well, let's see. Where does it hurt?
- Take it easy.

- Where is it? Right here?
- Yeah, right there.

Well, I guess we can fix that...
Now, why don't you stop
acting like a kid, Whitey?