Boys Town

Hello, Your Honor. Finished your tour?
The bell saved you, didn't it, buddy?
Whitey, you're sitting beside me.
All right, half-pint.
We thank Thee, Lord, for these,
Thy gifts, which we have received...

through Your merciful bounty.
Heavenly Father,
I thank Thee for this food.

Gracious God, may the food that we are
about to receive strengthen our bodies.

What's the matter,
can't you all learn the same words?

Don't have to.
You say the kind of grace you want to say.

At Boys Town everybody worships as they
please, think the way they wanna think.

Sure. Some of us
don't have to go to chapel.

If you're a Catholic, or a Protestant,
you can go right on being one.

- Well, I'm nothing.
- Then you can go right on being nothing.

And nobody cares.
Hey, who's the swell mob
in the back there?

- They're the Commissioners.
- In the gravy, huh?

How'd they get there?
Eenie, meenie, minie, mo?

No, elections. We vote for them.
How cute.
Wonder how they'd like to move over?

Don't reach for that one, fellas,
it's a mile over your heads.