Boys Town

Whitey Marsh.
- Here.
- Here, sir.

Here, sir.
Why, that...
- Mr. Mayor, if it please the court.
- Yes, Father Flanagan.

Whitey, the laws of Boys Town are made
by this body and enforced by this body.

The law doesn't require anything of a boy
that isn't good for all of us.

We have to respect each other
if we're going to like each other...

and living here together as we all do...
we have to like each other
if we're going to get along.

We've been years building up the rules
that we live by...

and if you break them, you have to answer
for it here, in our court.

You cannot escape it in Boys Town.
Mo, there was a fight
in your barber shop this morning.

Yes, sir.
- That was no fight.
- I'll get to you in a minute.

- Well, he came slamming in my shop...
- Who struck the first blow?

The first blow? What, are you kidding?
There was only one blow.

Careful, Whitey. There are extra charges
for contempt of court.

He started riding me
the second he struck here.

Last night in the dormitory, he...
Well, he kept on doing it.
Then this morning he comes into my shop,
and he says:

"Hey, White-Wings,
gimme a haircut, a massage...

"the whole works, baby,
the whole works."

He sent me out
looking like a mammy singer...

and I don't take that from anybody.
That's why I sloughed him.
- Any questions?
- No questions.

- Did you ever milk a cow?
- Did I ever what?

It'll take him a day or so to learn.