Bringing Up Baby

Good morning, Miss Swallow.
- Why, what's the matter?
- Dr. Huxley is thinking.

Alice, I think this one
must belong in the tail.

Nonsense. You tried it in the tail yesterday
and it didn't fit.

Yes, that's right. I did, didn't I?
David, it's a telegram for you from Utah.
It's from the expedition.

The expedition! Open it. I'll be right down.
David, they found it! They found it, David!
Not the intercostal clavicle?
It's on its way. It'll be here tomorrow.
Just think of it, Professor.
The very last bone we needed
to complete the brontosaurus.

The intercostal clavicle is arriving
tomorrow after four years' hard work.

- Congratulations, my boy.
- Isn't it great? I can hardly believe it!

Stop it. Really, David, there's a time
and place for everything.

What will Prof. LaTouche think?
After all, you're getting married tomorrow.
- Yes, I know we are...
- Right, we're getting married tomorrow.

Isn't that odd? Two important things
happening on the same day.

I think the occasion calls for a celebration.
Don't worry, we'll celebrate.
We're going away
directly after we're married.

Going away? What are you thinking of,
David? After receiving this telegram?

As soon as we're married,
we're coming directly back here...

- and you're going on with your work.
- Alice.

Now, once and for all, David,
nothing must interfere with your work.

Our marriage must entail
no domestic entanglements of any kind.

- You mean...
- I mean of any kind, David.

Alice, I was sort of hoping...
You mean children, all that sort of thing?