Bringing Up Baby

Exactly. This will be our child.
Yes, David, I see our marriage
purely as a dedication to your work.

Alice, everybody has to have
a honeymoon and...

We haven't time.
You have an appointment this afternoon.
- Have I? What for?
- To play golf with Mr. Peabody.

What Peabody?
The Alexander Peabody
who represents Mrs. Carleton Random.

Now let me think.
Who may donate $1 million
to the museum to complete all this.

Oh, sure! That Mr. Peabody.
$1 million.
That's pretty white of Mr. Peabody.

You haven't got it yet.
Let me remind you that a lot depends
on the impression you make on him.

Don't worry. After I've received this,
I feel good for anything.

I'll wow him, I'll knock him for a loop.
David, no slang.
Remember who and what you are.

- That's right.
- Go on. You mustn't keep him waiting.

- Goodbye, Alice. I mean, Professor.
- Don't forget your golf clubs.

Remember, let Mr. Peabody win.
Yes, Alice. I will.
Oh, dear. Excuse me.
I can't tell you, Mr. Peabody...
how much this endowment
would mean to the museum...

and to me personally.
If you could just give me
some assurance...

If you could give me some assurance
that you'd...

consider us first before you donate that
million to anyone else, I'd appreciate it.

Dr. Huxley, you seem to be
under some misapprehension.

I haven't got $1 million.
I represent the possible donor,
Mrs. Carleton Random...

whose legal advisor I happen to be.
Yes, of course. I forgot.
Mr. Peabody, then I wonder...
if you could use your influence
with Mrs. Random, that would be nice.

Dr. Huxley, when I play golf,
I only talk golf...

- and then only between shots.
- Yes, of course. I'm sorry.

Couldn't we continue this discussion
over a whisky and soda after our game?

Yes, we could.
Meantime, I believe you hooked your ball.
Yes, I did.
I'll be with you in a minute, Mr. Peabody.