Room Service

Just a minute.
- Mr. Gordon Miller?
- In the flesh.

- My name is Davis.
- Davis?

Yes, the author of Hail and Farewell.
Oh, well, this is a surprise.
I guess I should have telegraphed you
I was coming.

Not at all. Don't mind the room.
We were just cleaning up a bit.

- I hope I'm not intruding.
- Certainly not.

This is Miss Marlowe,
who's gonna star in your play.

This is Mr. Binelli, my assistant.
And this is Mr. Englund,
the brains of the organization.

That'll give you an idea
of the organization.

Well, I guess I'll go down and register.
You intend to check in here?
Well, before I do that, there's something
I'd like to talk to you about.

You see, I haven't any money to speak of.
I was depending on the advance.
Davis, I could give you the money.
It's really of no importance.

But my advice to you is
to go back home...

...and let me send for you
a week before we open.

Oh, but you see, I've left home for good.
I've burned my bridges behind me.

I see, but you could go back
if you wanted to?

My mother seemed very happy when I left.
Only a mother's mask.
At this moment, she may be sitting
at the fireside, wringing her hands.

- But we have no fireside.
- You have no fireside?

How do you listen to
the president's speeches?

When does the next bus leave
for Oswego?

- Excuse me, Miss Marlowe...
- Soon you'll be thanking me for this.

I appreciate your advice...
The next bus leaves at 9 to. Hurry.
- It's an air-cooled bus.
- I'll help you down with your bags.