Room Service

It'll be exactly $ 700.
- Mr. Wagner, I protest!
- Gribble!

I was sent here to put
this unit on its feet.

If I succeed, there's a vice-presidency
waiting for me.

And I'm not gonna let anybody
stand in my way!

I'm going up to room 920
and find out for myself!

You know, I almost forgot
what I came in for.

But since you wrote the show,
I can ask you instead of Mr. Miller.

You see, it's...
Well, it's about an actor.

- Someone you like?
- Oh, I think he's wonderful.

Oh, I see.
Well, he's a waiter in the hotel.
He was a big star in Russia
in the Moscow Art Theater.

The Moscow Art Theater?
He could play the father
in Hail and Farewell.

He's quite a middle-aged man,
and, well, he's getting so discouraged.

Anything you can do for him would...
Gee, I just can't picture you
with a middle-aged man.

But I don't...
No, no. It's nothing like that.
It's just a favor I'm doing him.

Oh, I see.
Well, sure. I'd be glad to hear
him act anytime. Anytime.

Say, who knows?
I may be discovering a great actor.

Oh, you've made me so happy.
Well, I guess I'd really
better be going now.

Thanks for everything
and for the chocolates too.

Maybe I could hear
that Russian actor act now.

That is, I'd like to meet him
if you could be there too.

Well, that's wonderful. Come on down.
Well, keen.
I'll get him to act for us
on the mezzanine.