Room Service

That's without painters and fumigators.
Let's fight. We've gotta keep this room
until 10:30 tomorrow, or we're doomed.

- We'll have to sleep in shifts.
- I'll take the night shift.

You take the night shift.
I'll take the day shift...

...and I'll be in Scotland afore you.
Is there a tourist camp
in the neighborhood?

Wait a minute.
Suppose one of us got sick.

That's the idea.
They can't put a sick man out.

It's against the law.
I had kidney trouble at the Astor
and gallstones at the Plaza.

- Those were the happy days.
- Why didn't I think of that before?

- Binelli, into that bed.
- It's no good. I'm not registered.

Faker! Get into that bed.
No, he's no good too.
He's not registered.

...what's the matter with you?
- You look terrible.

- Well, I feel fine.
- No, you don't.

Wait a minute!
What are you fellas trying to do to me?

- You gotta play sick.
- Or we lose the room.

- You can't let me down!
- I'm in good health!

- You've got a contagious disease.
- The measles.

- I've had the measles!
- It's a relapse.

Get the iodine and give him
a case of measles.

- Give me a chance to think.
- No time to think.

This will keep us in the hotel.
Couldn't I have a disease
with my clothes on?

Hey, leave me alone, will you?
What are you gonna do to me?

Make it bigger.
That don't look like a measle.

That looks like a freckle.