Room Service

- Oh, he took it with him.
- To the madhouse?

He likes to hear the little bell ring.
Well, I've never made any collections
in a madhouse.

I have my orders.
- Where did they take him?
- The maternity hospital.

Maternity hospital?
But I thought you said he was crazy.

Well, if he wasn't crazy, he wouldn't go
to the maternity hospital, would he?

You can't miss him.
Second straitjacket to the left.

Oh, by the way, don't mention it
to the hotel people.

Oh, no. I understand.
Good day, gentlemen.

- Good day. Good day.
- Good day.

- You shouldn't have told him that.
- Why not? You can't sue a lunatic.

- They may send a letter to my mother.
- Your mother knows you're not crazy.

Gee, I don't know where I'm at.
Mr. Gribble says I owe $600. Downstairs
they think I've got a tapeworm...

...and this man thinks I'm a lunatic.
Did you get the turkey?
- It's a miracle.
- Food!

- Close the door.
- I got it.

Surround the turkey.