The Adventures of Robin Hood

News has come from Vienna!
"Leopold of Austria has seized King
Richard on his return from the Crusades.

Our king is being held prisoner.
Nothing further is known.

His Highness Prince John will make...
...further public
pronouncement tomorrow."

And how are the dear Saxons
taking the news, Sir Guy?

They're even more worried than
Longchamps, Your Highness.

They'll be more than worried...
...when I squeeze the fat
out of their pampered hides.

- You intend to act on your plans?
- What better moment than this, Sir Guy?

Whoever would have thought
my dear brother...

...would be so
considerate as to get captured...

...and leave all England
to my tender care?

He may disapprove when he returns,
Your Highness.

If he returns.
And I'll see to it that he doesn't.

We must drink to this moment, Sir Guy.
Golden days are ahead.

I'll assign tax districts to you tomorrow.
Tomorrow, Your Highness.
- But who's gonna pay me?
- Pay! Pay!

That's all you Saxons think about.
Didn't I tell you it was for Prince John,
who's just come up from London?

Stop! Stop!
This man is freeborn!
He's a landowner.

You can't make a slave of him!
Didn't he refuse to send his men
to work in Guy of Gisbourne's field?