Another Thin Man

''Production of lumbers,
seasonally adjusted.''

Good heavens, do you understand that?
Sure. That's...
That's ''the indirect ratio
between the sales depreciation...

''and the unrealized inventory losses.''
- Understand?
- Yes.

But ''naturally...
''an allowance has to be made
for the major cyclical downswing.''

You get that, of course.
- Naturally.
- Do you?

Of course, ''you have to have
a fair degree of accuracy...

''by reference to a straight line
correlation formula.''

Don't you think you'd better go
and see Church?

Mommy, I'm going.
Hey, Asta, come here.
That's not that kind of a cat.
What are you sticking your pretty nose
in here for, chum?

- Sorry, the door was open.
- All right, you made your joke.

Now, pull your freight. Get going.
Just as you say, Chief.
- Good evening, sir.
- How do?

Mr. Church expecting you.