Another Thin Man

Any guy can get to be too good a friend,
like I told you.

When's he going to Cuba?
- How did you know he was going?
- I get around.

- He's going tomorrow.
- Good.

Hope nothing happens to upset his plans.
Be seeing you.
Some day I'm going to skin a knuckle
on that four-eyed gent.

You'd better catch him
without the cheaters on.

- He's plenty good as long as he can see.
- Yeah?

11:00, time to go.
- AdiĆ³s.
- Good luck.

Wish me luck.
Say, I thought this was strictly business.
- You know, I could go for you.
- Don't give me that.

- I've been fooled too many times.
- You love me, don't you?

What if I do? I'm only in this for the coin.
We'll have plenty of coin
from now on, baby.

- We?
- You and me.

What do you say? Want to play for keeps?
Maybe I ought to know a little more about
the ins and outs of what you're doing.

What's the matter? Losing confidence
in me since I stopped that punch?

I haven't got that much sense.
Time for you to make that telephone call.
- Goodbye, honey.
- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hello, this is Mrs. H. Culverton Smith.
I'd like to speak to...
I would like to speak...