Another Thin Man

Wait till you hear
what I'm really gonna suggest.

It seems to me that every time
your husband gets in with a girl...

the insurance companies
take an awful beating.

Now, it's nice, very nice for a wife
to trust her husband, but get this.

There's that Wynant girl
he knew before he was married.

He comes here to New York
and there's a murder.

He goes back to the West Coast,
there's a good-looking girl there...

and there's another murder.
He comes back here,
meets this Lois MacFay...

There's another murder.
Listen, we're not dishing the dirt
on your husband for the fun of it.

We're trying to show you
what you're up against.

It ain't that a man
that's had that many numbers...

could settle down to one.
- Was he really like that?
- Was he? Baby.

I always thought he was bragging.
He tell you about the coal man's widow
in Cleveland...

that wanted to set him up
into the agency for himself?

- Was that Jeanette?
- No. Her name was Bella Spruce.

Bella Spruce?
And the lighthouse keeper's daughter in...
- The what?
- The lighthouse keeper's daughter.

- What was her name?
- What it all comes down to is this Lois.

You're wrong to think
there couldn't be anything between them.

They're just making a monkey out of you.
Covering up for them.

I'm sure you're right.
But what was the lighthouse keeper's
daughter's name?

- Letty Finhaden.
- Letty Finhaden.

He wasn't in the room with you
when it happened, was he?

I say, he made you give him that alibi,
didn't he?

Mr. Charles.
- I'm Van Slack, the Asst. District Attorney.
- Oh, yes.

I thought perhaps...
Well, of course, everybody knows
your reputation...

- but if you don't mind...
- Not at all.

Well, I'm a little confused.
The lamp torn away,
a glass of water knocked over.

Seems to have been quite a struggle.
But, nobody heard anything.
Funny you didn't, Mr. Charles.