Another Thin Man

The warning said call off everybody.
- It must have been one of Church's gang.
- Sure.

You think Church murdered the Colonel,
don't you?

- Don't you?
- Of course.

Your dog's outside,
running with a knife in its mouth.

- Asta, quickly.
- That will be Asta.

We're gonna have to shoot it.
We'll never find him like this.

Wait a minute. He's not gonna
run to strange men with lights.

What do you think he is, a moth?
- Call your men off, give me a flashlight.
- Give me that.

Hey, boys, lay off.
Give Mr. Charles a chance.

- Where did the dog find that knife?
- We don't know.

He came around thataway.
- Where is he now?
- He went thataway.

I'll go thisaway.
Asta, come here. Give it to me.
Give it that back.

- Charles.
- What?

- Mr. Charles.
- Yes, dear.

What is it? What are you doing out here?
What's the matter?

It's... He has a gun.
- He has a what?
- Look out!

- Why, it's Horn.
- Well, can you beat that?

What were you shooting at him for?
I wasn't shooting at him,
he was shooting at me.

- Why were you shooting at him?
- Well, everybody else was.

She's all right, she's alive.
It's just her arm.

Carry her into the house.
What was she doing here?
She came to tell me
that someone was after me.