Beau Geste

Good night.
Good night.
Well, isn't anybody
going to say a word?

You young pup, we're both so
disgusted with you we're speechless.

I'm no worse
than either of you.

There's something
in what he says, Beau.

I insist I'm worse
than he is,

he didn't steal
the Blue Water.

Neither did you.
No, as a matter of fact,
I've got it.
I'll be frank with you,

I've got it.
I intend to sell it for 30,000
pounds sometime in the future

and live a life
of ease in Paris,

surrounded by whiskey,
ladies and laughter.

Well, that's funny.
I'm going to sell it
and go to Paris, too.

Only I don't
want any laughter.

One thing I counted on was my younger
brother leading an upright life

while I spent my
ill-gotten gains.

Yes, I was
counting on him, too.

If you don't
mind my saying so,

the great sapphire
is in my possession.

And as soon as I can
arrange to sell it,

I'm going to the South Seas,
buy a plantation
and start trading in copra.

He puts us both to shame,
doesn't he, Beau?

Let's put him to death
and keep his share.

All right.
Oh, we'll have
to find it first.

Let's wait
till the morning.

I don't like searching people in the dark.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.