Dark Victory

Good morning, ladies.
- Oh, I managed to get you up, did l?
- Don't be fresh.

I hear you've got the finest horses
in the country.

Least you could do
is let them have a look at you.

Surely if the horses can get up early
to run and jump...

...you can get up to watch them.
Michael, really!
- Hello, Judith.
- Hello!

- Hello, Jones!
- We're gonna be killed someday.

- Ann, come here.
- Thanks for the lift.

Take it away, Bob.
- I wouldn't stand for it.
- I won't.

- He's got to be fired. Right now.
- He's going to be.

Thinks he can lead us around
like horses. Ann, fire him.

Me? I'm not the mistress here,
I'm only the secretary.

But, darling, you have the character.
You're always telling me so yourself.

- Judy!
- Hello, everybody.

Good morning, Alec!
- Oh, what a party.
- Glad to see you're still on it.

All ready for tonight.
All I gotta do is change the orchid.

- Good morning, Ann. Nice, sensible Ann.
- Good morning, parasite.

Why not go to bed before
they put you there for good?

Well, now, confidentially,
it's a scheme.

Your man Michael told me
he'd give me a nice fat commission...

...if I can get our sweet Carrie
to buy your colt, Challenger.

- Michael?
- And I can use the cash.

-This is the end!
-Judy, darling.

I will take that colt off your hands
if you'll let me have a bargain.

I won't sell the horse,
but I'll sell his trainer.

That's who she really wants to buy,
but he won't even look at her.

- I've never heard of such a thing!
- Judith...

- ...do you want to sell that colt?
- No, I do not! Colonel, dear.

I think you ought to buy him, colonel.
He's a perfect darling.

You can even invite him for tea.
He could play on your front lawn
with your children and your dogs.

He's a love. He whinnies.
Unfortunately, a steeplechaser has to
have more than just a pretty smile.

Colonel Mantle, my father held
that foal up in his arms and said:

"Judy, here's a champion.
By Victory..."

"Out of Field Nurse by Man O' War.
Let's call him Challenger."

Catch that horse
at the two-mile pole...

...with his heart bursting
and he'll fold up on you.

Michael, you might fold up,
and I might fold up...