Dark Victory

- Let me help you.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, they're very pretty.
I'm so glad you like them. We couldn't
think of anything else, could we, Ann?

Of course, it isn't enough.
I've an idea. This is my birthday.
- What?
- Well, it is really, you know.

My new birthday.
Let's all three of us each year
get together and celebrate, shall we?

- Come on.
- All right.

Let's have some champagne
right now and start.

Come on, everybody,
we're going to have champagne.

- Where have you been, Judy?
- Outside.

Now, I'll wear my green slacks
in the morning...

...and my big hat for lunch.
He'll like that.

I've got to look my best.
lf ever Judy had to knock them
for a row of pins... .

Oh, Agatha. Here are the menus for
the weekend. Martha, come here.

Now, it's up to you. For evening...
Ann, do you think we ought to dress
for dinner tomorrow night?

- Give him a bit of swish?
- Just as you please, darling.

Oh, no, I don't think so.
They'll be tired.

I'm getting to be such a hostess.
This is my first real weekend.

The house just reeks of dignity.
Of course, I'll have the kids in.

I'll always have them.
I don't think he minds them, do you?

- I don't suppose he will.
- What's the matter?

Nothing. I've got to get through
these bills. It's the 1 0th of the month.

You'll put on your best dignity,
won't you? And help me keep dignified?

...I'm here, and I think
I'm somewhere very nice.

Look at me.
I'm looking at you.
You're in love?