Destry Rides Again

Who's boss
of Bottleneck?

[All Cheering]

I never thought
I'd live to see the day!!!

That Tom Destry's son
would be the laughingstock
of the whole town!

Look that bad?
You won't be able
to stick your nose out of a door
without everybody hootin' at ya!

Well, them that wants
to hoot, let 'em hoot!
You won't be hearin' it!

I told Mrs! Callahan
you won't be needin' this room!

You're leaving
on the next coach!

I sort of like
it here, Wash!

How you gonna face anybody
after what you took
from Kent and Frenchy?

What did you expect
me to do?

I expected you to be like
your pa; come in a-blastin'
behind shootin' irons!

And what happened?
You didn't have any! Why?

- I don't believe in 'em!
- Huh? You did the last
time I heard about ya!

What in thunder's
come over ya since then?

Well, Wash...
My pa had these on
that day down in Tombstone,

but he got shot in the back!
Didn't seem to do him
much good, did they?

That's one reason
I don't believe in 'em!

What in tarnation
do ya believe in?

- Law and order!
- Without guns?

Without 'em!
Well, if that
don't beat all let go!

Oh, Tom!
The reason they
made me sheriff here is
because I was the town drunk!

They wanted someone they could
kick around, someone who
wouldn't ask questions.

But I was aimin' to fool 'em,
do things right,
send in for you!

And now!!! You fooled me!
Well, you will fool 'em,

We'll fool 'em together!
The only way to do that
is fill 'em full of lead!
No, no!