Dodge City

Another murder. Four or five a day.
- Surrett's the undertaker's best friend.
- It's getting dangerous to live here.

Well, why don't you get out?
I see by that bulletin
that you're looking for trouble.

We're just printing the plain facts.
We put up with your paper
long enough.

- Now we mean business.
- Yancey...

...are you scared of that fellow
from Texas?

We'll take care of him, but don't print
no story about Surrett.

Is that clear?
I'm waiting for an answer.
I reckon you get the general idea now.
Those clothes look as though
you're up to no good.

I ain't had store clothes on for a long
time. I felt like I wanted to clean up.

I got a call to make,
so you're on your own.

Just try and keep sober
and stay out of trouble.

I signed the temperance pledge
before we left Texas.

I know that, and you were drunk
when you signed it.

No, you're confusing the issue.
I'm a reformed man.

Even a reformed man gets into trouble
when the boys get paid off.

No. I ain't gonna touch a drop.
I'll mosey around and take in the sights.

- Don't become one of them.
- Don't you worry none about it.

After me getting
on my store clothes...

...I'm not gonna have anything
like that happen.

Hey, mister.
Please help me over,
will you, young man?

Get closer.