Moscow made our reservations there.
We are on an officiaI mission...

and we have no right
to change the orders of our superiors.

Where is your courage,
Comrade BuIjanoff?

Are you the BuIjanoff
who fought on the barricades?

And now you are afraid
to take a room with a bath?

I don't want to go to Siberia.
And I don't want to go to HoteI Terminus.
And I don't want to....
-Listen to me.

Look, BuIjanoff, if Lenin were aIive,
he wouId say:

''BuIjanoff, comrade,
for once in your Iife you're in Paris.

''Don't be a fooI.
Go in there and ring three times.''

He wouIdn't say that.
What he wouId say is:
''You can't afford to Iive in a cheap hoteI.

''Doesn't the prestige of the BoIsheviks
mean anything to you?

''Do you want to Iive in a hoteI...
''where you press for the hot water
and coId water comes...

''and when you press for coId water,
nothing comes at aII?''

Phooey, BuIjanoff.
I stiII say our pIace
is with the common peopIe.

But who am I to contradict Lenin?
Let's go in.

-Are you the manager?
-Yes, monsieur.

Pardon me for introducing
Comrade Iranoff...

-member of the Russian Board of Trade.

-This is Comrade KopaIski.

-And I am Comrade BuIjanoff.

May I ask you how much your rooms are?
GentIemen, I'm afraid
our rates are rather high.

Why shouId you be afraid?
I might be abIe to accommodate you.
-Is there some more Iuggage?

But have you a safe
big enough to hoId this?

I'm afraid we have no boxes
of that size in the vauIt...

-but there's a suite with a private safe.
-That's even better.

-But, gentIemen, I'm afraid--
-He's aIways afraid.

I just wanted to expIain.
The apartment
may suit your convenience...

but I doubt whether
it wiII fit your convictions.

-It's the RoyaI Suite.
-The RoyaI Suite?

Just a minute.
Comrades, I warn you, if it gets out in
Moscow that we stay in the RoyaI Suite...

we'II get into terribIe troubIe.
We'II teII them we had to do it
on account of the safe.

That's a perfect excuse.
There was no other safe big enough.

-That's right.
-That's fine.

Of course, we couId take out the pieces...
and distribute them
in three or four boxes in the vauIt...

and take a smaII room.
-That's an idea, isn't it?
-Yes, that's an idea.